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Day of action and mass lobby of UK Parliament, 5 November 2018

“Remember, remember the 5th of November”

British in Europe and the3million are inviting you to join our day of action on 5 November 2018. Yes, we’re going to Westminster on Guy Fawkes Day!

We’re not going to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but we do have some exciting events planned for the morning – and in the afternoon we’ll be in the House of Commons to meet MPs in a mass lobby.

This is part of a series of events that together form the Last Mile Lobby: we’ve already co-chaired fringe events at the Labour and Conservative Party conferences, are lobbying MEPs and EU institutions together in Brussels, joining the huge London march on 20 October and then going to Parliament together in November. All the way through we’re standing hand in hand – British citizens in the EU, and EU citizens in the UK. We are the 5 million and we will not let politics divide us.

What is a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is when a large number of people contact their MPs in advance and arrange to meet with them at Parliament all on the same day. Mass lobbies are usually organised by campaign groups who arrange for them to coincide with a public rally or event in London.

British in Europe and the 3 million organised their first joint mass lobby on 13 September 2017, which included what we believe was the biggest e-lobby ever staged: while some 400 people attended the lobby in person, over 1000 took part in the e-lobby that accompanied the London event.

In this, the second joint mass lobby, we want to smash that record. British in Europe represents over 35,000 British citizens living in the EU27. If just 10% of you sign up to take part in the e-lobby – which you can do without leaving your armchair – it will be huge.

What are we lobbying for?

It’s been over two years since the EU referendum, and as March 2019 draws closer the many months of negotiations might still come to nothing if the EU and the UK don’t reach an agreement on Brexit.

Enough is enough – we need the UK government and the EU to honour the commitments already made to us during the negotiations, no matter what.  We are campaigning, alongside our friends the3million, which represents EU citizens in the UK, for the UK government and the EU to commit now to ring-fencing and implementing the citizens’ rights part of the Withdrawal Agreement under Article 50 – no matter what the outcome on Brexit.

Here’s what you need to know:​

  • Our joint letter with the3million urging the UK government and the EU to make a joint commitment now on citizens’ rights.
  • Our longer analysis of where the EU/UK negotiations are on citizens’ rights and what needs to happen now: ‘The last mile on citizens’ rights’.


How to take part

There are two ways to take part in the day of action and mass lobby on 5 November 2018.

Join us in London on the day

If you’re able to travel to London, you can join British in Europe, the3million, and other UK and EU citizens at Westminster. You’ll need to register (essential, as you’ll be right inside the House of Commons), then you’ll need to contact your MP to ask them to meet you at the Houses of Parliament on the afternoon of the lobby.

Click here for full details of how to join the Last Mile Westminster lobby on 5 November 2018.


What if I can’t attend in person?

No problem – simply sign up for the e-lobby. You can take part from your armchair, and it will take you 20 minutes at the most.

Taking part in the e-lobby is simple. All the instructions, and a template letter for you to personalise and send to your MP, are available on this site.

Click here for full details of how to take part in the Last Mile e-lobby.


What’s happening on the day in London?


10:00 Gather on Parliament Square to to form a human chain to 10 Downing Street

11:00 Short rally on Parliament Square before going to Parliament

13:00 – 16.00 Main lobby starts in Parliament

13.30 – 14.30 Statements by MPs and supporters of our campaign

14:30 – 16.00 EU and UK citizens meet their MP – take a photo for social media, sign the pledge; MPs met representatives of British in Europe and the3million.

16.00 Lobby in Parliament ends.


How to register

You need to register whether you plan to attend the lobby in London or take part in the e-lobby.

Registration is free – you will be offered the chance to make a donation towards the lobby costs, which would be much appreciated but is not compulsory. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive confirmation and then a further email with more details.

Please register here: ​



Check out the mass lobby FAQ page (link coming soon).




We need to make this HUGE. Please join with us and stand up as one of the five million. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “The Last Mile citizens’ lobby”

  1. Please act before it is too late and protect our rights. W ehave paid into the system all our working rights, and just want our rights to health care and pensions, which is what we have already paid for.

    1. We certainly do want to see those rights continuing, Sally … and we also continue the fight to protect the rights of working people, who form 80% of the overall population of British people living in the EU.

  2. Unable to attend lobby, but think I will organize a large bonfire in my village in suport.
    I wish all those there good luck and hope we get some tv reporting.

    1. What a great idea, Theresa – well done! Please do sign up for our e-lobby as well.

  3. Thanks for all your effects so far!
    Where can I find more information about 9-11 Oct in Brussels?

    1. Thanks Fiona. The Brussels lobby involves members of the British in Europe and the 3 million advocacy teams – we’ll write up an account of the time there on this site as soon as possible afterwards, so do watch this space!

  4. I personally think the British government doesnt care about Brits living in the EU,
    No way they will listen and still angry about being denied a vote,
    whats more worrying is the french announcement last week.
    We should also lobby MPS to start listening to us in europe.
    My MP wont even write back with the remark “only people living in my constiuency” will have casework done.
    So no democray and no representation being left to defend ourselves in Europe …. Is this democracy at all(more like dictatorship to us ex pats)

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