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8 thoughts on “Subscribe to our Newsletter”

    1. Hi John, I have just checked and it seems to be fine – not a lot changes when you press, it just says ‘Thank you for subscribing!’ and the form resets. You should get an email to your email address to confirm.

      1. Hello. Subscribe button seems not to work on IPad neither does the associated e-mail field accept addresses.

  1. I have just subscribed using Chrome. This seemed to work properly!

    I chose to subscribe having seen Jane Golding and three colleagues (from BENELUX, France and Spain) on BBC Parliament as they faced questions from the Select Committee discussing “Progress of Brexit Negotiations” (probably need to rename that particular committee as the Select Committee for lack of Progress of Brexit Negotiations”. They highlighted many of the issues and concerns that I am facing personally, being “British in Europe”. I finally accept that someone in Parliament has been made aware of some specific and real concerns that those of us that are British but have chosen to live in Europe are facing. “Family reunification issues”, “disenfranchisement”, “right of return” , “mutual recognition of qualifications”, “freedom of movement” , “dual citizenship?registration” were all tackled effectively and in a well informed manner during that section of the broadcast that I was able to access. Worryingly I got the impression that some members of the Select Committee seemed unaware of these issues although they are of such serious concern to those of us who want to be able to continue the lives that we have chosen to follow, based on the assumption that our country would remain within the EU and who are now seeing their personal, social and business commitments threatened. Thank goodness that the meeting confirmed that the European Court does appear to recognise our fundamental Human RIghts which are under threat through this decision. and this is one of the “red lines” set by the EU.

    As such, using this vehicle, I want to thank all four members of the panel who presented themselves and their (our) situations so clearly and effectively.

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