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the3million and BiE disappointed with EP resolution

Citizens’ rights groups  the3million and British in Europe disappointed with EP resolution

Following the European Parliament resolution adopted yesterday, it is sad to see that there is a resolution but no solution. The European Parliament has made no concrete suggestions about how to ensure that the rights of five million citizens will be protected, whether there is a deal or not. Continue reading the3million and BiE disappointed with EP resolution

Our latest newsletter

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Edition: 09 September 2019

Dear Briton in Europe,

On Friday 29 August the BiE steering group met at the UNISON building in London, the first time we have all been physically together in one place for over a year. Our first priority was to review how, and indeed whether, we can continue to operate going forward, particularly from January 2020 onwards. The current steering committee members have contributed their professional skills on a voluntary basis for almost three years now. This has involved many hours and personal and pecuniary sacrifices that will not be sustainable for much longer.

At our one-day meeting we made a good start to the reappraisal of our future. Our plan is to continue full steam ahead with advocacy over the next three or four months, at the same time as we thrash out options for the coalition’s future. There are a series of variables like funding and whether or not there is another extension. For example, if Brexit does go ahead on Halloween, our role as a campaigning group for citizens’ rights would morph towards monitoring the implementation of national contingency plans or, in a better scenario, the citizens’ rights section of a Withdrawal Agreement….


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June Newsletter

Buckling our seat belts for more of the Brexit roller coaster…

Dear UK citizen in Europe,

After the adrenaline-pumping drama of ‘the Brexit Day that wasn’t‘, we felt enormous relief at just still being European citizens. That was followed by the sinking feeling that we all have at least another six months trapped on the Brexit roller coaster. As an organisation, we have bounced back, buckled our seat belts and got back to work. To start with, we have produced a mission statement (see below), outlining what we can realistically do for Britons in the EU in the medium-term unless we are able to obtain significant funding. …

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Make your vote count in the European Elections


We are still EU citizens with our full political rights and can still vote in the European elections – make your vote count in these critical elections

Unless the UK Parliament passes a deal to leave the EU before 22 May, UK nationals will be able to vote and stand in the elections for the European Parliament held at the end of May. Continue reading Make your vote count in the European Elections

No Deal Healthcare – the BiE response

British In Europe response to the Department of Health and Social Care announcement on No Deal Healthcare in the EU

UK Government proposals published just 10 days before Brexit could see thousands of British pensioners, the disabled and other vulnerable Brits on the continent being denied long term healthcare in the event of a no deal Brexit.
Continue reading No Deal Healthcare – the BiE response

The Next Steps in British in Europe’s Campaign for Ring-fencing

For the five million citizens whose status is most directly affected by Brexit, the Costa amendment in the House of Commons last week asking for the ring-fencing of their rights was an enormous victory. Through intensive lobbying, the3million and British in Europe received the unanimous backing of the UK Parliament to push for legally guaranteeing citizens’ rights in the event of a no deal. Now we are asking the EU27 to do the same. Continue reading The Next Steps in British in Europe’s Campaign for Ring-fencing