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Join British in Europe at the London march on 20 October 2018

The British in Europe Steering Committee, along with many members from our groups right across the EU27, attended the first People’s Vote march in London on 23 June 2018 to raise awareness of our outstanding issues and also to campaign for all British citizens living in the EU, and EU citizens living in the UK, to have the right to vote in any ‘People’s Vote’ referendum on a final deal. It was a very successful day, and we now have strong support for our issues from the People’s Vote team.

Another – hopefully even larger – march is planned in London for Saturday 20 October 2018 – just a couple of days after the crucial October EUCO summit. We will be there once again, and we warmly invite all British in Europe, along with your friends and families (whether in the EU or in the UK) to join with us and march under our banners. We’d love to meet you.


Registration procedures survey – please take part!

British in Europe is running  a survey to help us find out more about your experiences of registering for residence as a British citizen when you arrived in your host EU country , and also of applying for a permanent residence card after 5 years where that applies.

Why are we doing this just now? Well, the EU 27 countries will very shortly be considering how to ‘register’ UK citizens living in the EU after 31 December 2020: to continue the current declaratory system, or to introduce a new constitutive system where we would be required to apply for a new status, in keeping with the UK’s wish to oblige EU27 citizens to apply for ‘settled status’ rather than simply confirm their existing rights. We need to know your views and experiences to help our input into the process.

The survey will be open for just 10 days, until Wednesday 9 May 2018, so don’t hang around too long! Time really is of the essence and it’s important that we get as many responses as possible, right across the EU. Click on your country of residence below and you’ll be taken straight to the survey page for where you live.


You’ll notice that Ireland isn’t included in this list. That’s because things work rather different for British citizens who are resident there – they’re not required to register for residence or show ‘sufficient resources’ or health cover, so the same issues don’t apply as for the other EU26 countries.

Report from Munich Brexit Stammtisch 8th May

Ingrid Taylor reports from Munich:  After two ‘Brexit Countdown’ evenings, it was time for a follow-up ‘Brexit Stammtisch’ to discuss all the events of recent weeks. On Monday, May 8th, a group of around 50 British professionals met to take stock. In a government declaration in the Bundestag, Angela Merkel herself had welcomed the contribution of British people to German society, and said we should stay. And the EU27 is also supporting our interests, as evidenced in their recently published draft negotiating guidelines (the content of which owes much to the efforts of the British in Europe Coalition). But we are still waiting for positive signals from across the Channel….

Brexit Stammtisch, Munich. Lively discussions between company owners, managers, IT specialists, musicians, construction engineers, teachers, translators, patent attorneys, accountants and actuaries. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

Everyone was encouraged to lobby local, national and European politicians, including those in the UK, in order to raise our concerns with those who have influence. A plea was also made for everyone who has a vote in the UK election to use it (with details of how to get your overseas vote on this website) Lawyer David Hole explained the nuances of acquired rights, pointed to the different interpretations on their future and the serious implications of their loss for UK citizens living in the EU27. Rob Harrison outlined the Coalition´s various initiatives and activities. And Monika Haines reported on her survey of local companies, aimed at finding out what their plans are as regards their British employees post-Brexit



Businessmen exchange views on the impact of Brexit on their Munich-based companies. Photo: Dominik Gigler. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

Guardian Brexit correspondent Lisa O’Carroll came along to report on the event; she highlighted a number of the issues covered, and interviewed individuals about their concerns. 

Read her report here

A British retiree, whose son has mental health problems and is in care, explains her worries to the reporter. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

Flyer for the Event:

Report on Brexit countdown event in Munich 27th March 2017

70 British residents of Munich and the surrounding area came together on 27th March evening to review their options on the eve of Article 50 being triggered on the 29th March.  (Photos of event below) The event aimed to provide information and an opportunity for all Brits living in the area to discuss the prospect of Brexit and the impact it may have on British citizens living in Germany.  David Hole (solicitor and Rechtsanwalt) detailed the rights possibly at risk and potential scenarios. Ingrid Taylor (translator and teacher of German) reported on the work of the British in Europe Coalition, and set out what was involved in applying for German citizenship.  Taylor said:

The urgency in submitting citizenship applications soon must be underlined, as the waiting time in Munich to get an appointment to hand in the completed application is 8 months. It then takes the authorities a further 6 – 9 months to process the application. The clock is therefore ticking for those who want to obtain German citizenship ahead of Brexit and still retain their UK citizenship, i.e. dual citizenship. After Brexit, it is unlikely that both will be possible; it will be one or the other

Due to the level of interest a second Brexit Countdown Event is being held in Munich on Monday, April 3rd.  See details below:

David Hole and Ingrid Taylor – Organisers of the Munich meeting