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Joint Report ahead of Phase 2

Today, citizens groups the3million and British in Europe are meeting with Guy Verhofstadt and the European Parliament to remind them of their previous commitments to protect the lives of five million citizens. During a live  Facebook stream at 10.30am (CET) they will discuss the unresolved issues including the right to form families, continue to work using their qualifications and to register without the threat of deportation. Continue reading Joint Report ahead of Phase 2

Brexpats go to court

A score of British citizens currently living in the Netherlands were in Amsterdam on the morning of 17 January 2018 to hear lawyers plead the legal pros and cons of the argument “once an EU citizen, always an EU citizen”, i.e. EU citizenship is additional to and separate from citizenship of an EU Member State. The goal was to get the judge of the District Court to ask the Court of Justice of the European Union to provide a ruling. EU citizenship is a concept which has been enshrined in successive EU Treaties for the last 25 years. It confers a number of rights, including the right to freedom of movement. Continue reading Brexpats go to court