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Here at British in Europe we are proud of what we have achieved to date. We are now consulted regularly by both the EU and DExEU and have had influence on the negotiations to date.

However, in order to continue our work, we need financial support. To date, we have funded our own travel and expenses as well as taken time away from our day jobs. We now need your help in continuing this fight. Money you donate will be used:

  1. To pay the expenses of Jane and our advocacy team so they can meet with the key negotiators in London and Brussels
  2. To pay marketing expenses so we can communicate better with our supporters.

We can accept donations via:


You can donate via Paypal wherever you are in the world.

If you are in France, to save on fees, please log in to your account and send to the Paypal account address using the friends option. Otherwise, use the buttons below…

Bank transfers

For bank transfers, our details are:

Bank: BRED (Banque Populaire)

Account: British in Europe


IBAN: FR76 1010 7008 6800 8140 6285 950

You can download our bank details here.

Some banks may ask for additional information:

Account address: 48 rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Receiver’s bank name: BRED Espace – Economie locale
Receiver’s bank address:  4 route de la Pyramide, 75132 Paris Cedex 12, France


Cheques must be drawn on a French bank in euros, made out to BRITISH IN EUROPE, and sent to Christopher Chantrey, 12 rue Papillon, 75009 Paris.

Please send us an email to to let us know you have sent a donation as we would like to thank you for your support.

19 thoughts on “Donate today”

  1. Could you kindly explain how you know my childhood nickname that pops up immediately when I type “B” below, please? It was not supplied by me to you.

    1. Hi Brian – this is in fact your computer offering up suggestions of what you might like to type (autofill if you want to look it up). It may be that you use your nickname elsewhere on the internet. I can assure you that we have no information about you other than your name and email that you have provided when you wrote this comment.

    1. Thank you Myriana. I’ve just double-checked an dsome of the coding had disappeared – hopefully it works now!

  2. I just had to donate straight away… I was so impressed how Kalba Meadows (and the others) presented the issues and covered our main concerns. Feels amazing to have some representation…which we wouldn’t if it wasn’t for BiE ! Well done again team and THANKS x

  3. Hi there – thanks for all the great work you have been doing. I wanted to donate another amount via Paypal, but it does not seem to allow me to enter an amount?

  4. Tried to donate via Paypal. It seemed to go through but then I just got a blank page. No confirmation either by email. ???

  5. Congratulations on your hard work and for keeping us better informed than the Government.

  6. Are you a charity i.e. tax deductible?
    If not do you have a membership subscription option for businesses?

    1. We haven’t had the time yet to sort the paperwork for tax deductible I am afraid, it is in the pipeling. At the moment we are asking for individual donations although the option of business subscriptions is being discussed.

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