Letter to UK & EU negotiating teams

With the3million, we have written an open letter to the UK and EU Brexit negotiators to call on them to end the extreme legal uncertainty for citizens on either side of the Brexit divide in case of a no-deal scenario.

Dear Mr Raab and Mr Barnier,

Today, the3million and British in Europe are asking you to commit to implement and strengthen your current agreement on citizens’ rights, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

We have faced over two years of debilitating uncertainty and anxiety about our status, and are horrified that all the months of negotiations and colour-coded charts on our rights could come to
nothing in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

You jointly have it within your powers to end this nightmare immediately for over 4 million of us, by taking the true moral high ground and publicly committing to honouring these agreements on our rights – whatever the outcome of the rest of the negotiations.

We thus now ask you to take citizens out of the “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” straightjacket.

Read the rest of the letter HERE or download:

The Position paper can be read HERE.

One thought on “Letter to UK & EU negotiating teams”

  1. Great letter and let us see if it has any impact on the EU. The UK has given a clear indication that they do not want Brexit to adversely impact any EU Citizen currently enjoying life in the UK. The EC/EU has not reciprocated.

    Failure by the EC/EU not to protect the current rights of UK citizens with a home it a EU country will not only have an adverse impact on the life of individuals, but will be a clear signpost to all EU Citizen of the political uncaring attitude of the leaders

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