Registration procedures survey – please take part!

British in Europe is running  a survey to help us find out more about your experiences of registering for residence as a British citizen when you arrived in your host EU country , and also of applying for a permanent residence card after 5 years where that applies.

Why are we doing this just now? Well, the EU 27 countries will very shortly be considering how to ‘register’ UK citizens living in the EU after 31 December 2020: to continue the current declaratory system, or to introduce a new constitutive system where we would be required to apply for a new status, in keeping with the UK’s wish to oblige EU27 citizens to apply for ‘settled status’ rather than simply confirm their existing rights. We need to know your views and experiences to help our input into the process.

The survey will be open for just 10 days, until Wednesday 9 May 2018, so don’t hang around too long! Time really is of the essence and it’s important that we get as many responses as possible, right across the EU. Click on your country of residence below and you’ll be taken straight to the survey page for where you live.


You’ll notice that Ireland isn’t included in this list. That’s because things work rather different for British citizens who are resident there – they’re not required to register for residence or show ‘sufficient resources’ or health cover, so the same issues don’t apply as for the other EU26 countries.

2 thoughts on “Registration procedures survey – please take part!”

  1. I had a titre de Séjour when I came to France in 2003. Despite being told after 5 years I did not need it I insisted that I wanted to renew it. In 2012 I went to our Prefecture in Saint Brieuc 22 to renew it but was recommended to change to. 10 year Carte de Séjour Permanent. It was the lady I saw who suggested it and I went to collect it a few weeks later. No problems no translation and a very helpful lady.

  2. We are in the throes of putting our dossier together for Carte Sejour Permanant

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