Did you know that British in Europe is run entirely by volunteers? Why not join our dedicated team and add your skills to our fight to safeguard our citizen’s rights!

Have you been following British in Europe’s work on citizens’ rights and would like the chance to be involved yourself? This is your chance to learn more about the issues and work with us right at the coalface.

British in Europe has gone from zero to high profile advocacy group in just a few months. We’re now stepping up the pace into the next crucial phase of our campaign and we need your help: for the first time we’re recruiting a dedicated team of volunteers to work with us directly. Why not put some of your spare time to good use to help us take our citizens’ rights advocacy campaign to new levels?

If you join us, you’ll be working alongside one or more members of the British in Europe steering team (there are 10 of us, all volunteers too, so you’ll be in good company!). We’re currently looking for people to join us in the following capacities:

The only qualifications required are your enthusiasm and your desire to get involved. You don’t need to be a political expert, nor do you need to understand every detail about citizens’ rights (we’ll help you learn).

If you join our activist group you’ll be part of a dedicated and supported team based all over the EU27, working together to help make sure that our citizens’ rights are protected. You’ll help send structured and targeted emails and letters to MEPs and to members of the Parliaments of the UK and your own country of residence. In the process, you’ll learn about the British in Europe campaign and you’ll be a part of a lively community with shared aims, working together to make a difference.

You’ll need to have basic computer skills and have access to a laptop. You don’t need to be a social media user as we organise ourselves using Ryver, which is a simple-to-use team communication platform. You can put in as much or as little time as you have available, but will need to make sure that you can give a minimum of 2 hours a week during specific British in Europe lobbying campaigns. There will be plenty of time to get to know and chat with your fellow team members too.

You’ll help translate emails, letters and responses into and from the various  EU27 languages. Because letters and emails often contain complex arguments you’ll need to be effectively native-speaking or equivalent for translation into an EU 27 language, and fluent for translation into English. We’re particularly looking now for those who can translate into Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, along with more French, German and Spanish translators.

You’ll be part of a dedicated group that will support the British in Europe Twitter account by retweeting and liking our tweets, joining in conversations on citizens’ rights elsewhere on Twitter and tagging BiE on your own tweets wherever appropriate. You’ll do this from your own personal Twitter account; we’ll ask you to follow and interact with some of the main players in citizens’ rights. Your support will be hugely important in growing the British in Europe presence on Twitter. You’ll need to have a Twitter account and a basic idea of how to use it and to grow followers; we’ll help you learn how to hone your Twitter skills for this specific purpose so you don’t need to be an expert! You can commit as much or as little time as you have but we suggest a minimum of 1 hour a week so that you can keep abreast of things.

Please note that it’s current BiE strategy to remain neutral on Brexit so that we can maintain the access we have currently to both sides in the negotiations, but this position is being kept under review.

For more information about getting involved as a British in Europe volunteer in any of the above roles, please contact Kalba Meadows from the British in Europe Steering team on kalba.meadows@britishineurope.org

You must be an EU law specialist, ideally with policy experience at EU level. The output will be used for advocacy purposes in high level meetings and communications with the leading Brexit negotiations on both sides so accuracy is key. Deadline 10 December.
More details here: Long stay residence directive researcher brief

To apply contact Kalba Meadows from the British in Europe Steering team on kalba.meadows@britishineurope.org

We’re also looking for people who have the time and the specialist professional skills to commit in the following areas:

(a) Specialist admin support for our advocacy team;
(b) Wordpress developer to re-design and relaunch website;
(c) Media professionals in UK and EU27;
(d) Fund-raising professionals.

Because of their specialist nature, these roles will need you not just to have specific skills, but to be able and willing to devote a little more time to British in Europe than our more generalist volunteer roles. They are also pro bono and self-funding in the short term. In return, though, you’ll not only be helping an important cause but gaining an extended network of dedicated professionals. These roles may suit individuals taking a sabbatical, trailing spouses or professionals who have time to spare. Please do get in touch with us to find out more.

If you would like find out more about any of these specialist positions in paragraph 5 above, please complete the form below and we’ll be back in touch.

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